What is the Purpose of the Club?

The purpose of the Club is to provide ideas, support, and resources that will enable you to enjoy a high-energy, purposeful, productive, and fulfilling life as you do your own work and work with others.

What is The Club Structure?

Track 1: Managing your own workload better with MS Outlook and other tools.

Track 2: Improve communication and collaboration in your team, department, or organization using MS Teams and other tools.

Track 3: Your personal energy journey to live life fully.

Track 4: Masterful Productivity: Apply eight time-proven principles and achieve optimal productivity with minimal effort – in all areas of your life.


How the independent tracks work?

The tracks are managed independently. 


We meet for group sessions twice a month via Zoom for 60 minutes.

The first session is on the second Tuesday of the month. This is a “Show & Tell” opportunity where two or three club members shar something that is making life easier for them and helping them to improve productivity.

In the second session, we do a focus on the “theme of the month”. This is one of the 8 Ways to Productivity Mastery.  Add the four seasons and we have a perfect annual cycle. The purpose is to explore the essence of the topic and how we can use it for our benefit. We will put a relevant productivity question on the table and all participants will share their ideas, resources, and success stories.

We’ll also use breakout rooms to discuss issues in small groups and make commitments for action.

Of course, meetings will be recorded for those who are not able to attend a session.

We currently meet from 18:30-19:30 SAST (UTC+2). Always happy to adapt to the changing needs in the group.

What Resources Are Included?

  • 24/7 access to an exclusive bundle of our online courses:
    • 8 Ways to Productivity Mastery
    • 52 Productivity Tips fir Outlook and Windows
    • How to eliminate email overwhelm.
  • Free access to our private online community (hosted in the Circle platform). You meet other members here, and connect with individuals or form private groups (50 people max per group).
  • Two monthly meetings as described above.
  • Weekly 30-minute live AMA tech support users.
  • Mastermind groups are in the pipeline.
  • Exclusive access to a webinar library of more than 50 recordings of our microlearning productivity webinars. This includes conversations with guest experts.
  • Extensive lists of relevant articles, website, videos that help us in our productivity quest.
  • My short weekly Monday Notes.
  • Special club discounts for pilot programmes (50% off) and all our other products and services (10% off).
  • Opportunity to shape our product and service roadmap with our quarterly survey.
  •  Unlimited access to me by email or WhatsApp for feedback questions, resources, etc.I want to ensure that you get what you need to confidently move forward.

What are the Membership and Payment Details?

Membership is currently open to anyone, anywhere who is ready to take their productivity (personal and professional) to the next level (and has a solid internet connection).

You can choose any one of three membership levels: R67 per month, R167 per quarter, and R657 per year. This includes all of the services listed above. (Note: These prices are for the introductory phase only and are due to increase in September 2022.  Your membership remains locked in at your joining rate.)

What’s Required for Attendance and Participation?

You’re encouraged to attend all the live sessions. However, if you need to miss a session, a video recording will be made available.

I’m encouraging those who want to be active participants, get to know the other members, and be willing to do the work to move their businesses forward.

Ultimately, your level of engagement is up to you, as is the information you share in the community.  Having said that, it is great to have a lively community of people “giving” and “taking” in and exchange of ideas, tips, and tricks.

Why Am I Doing This?

I’ve been working with people who want to improve their productivity since 1991. And, over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of clients individually or in group programs. I’ve tried just about everything to improve my personal and professional productivity. And I’ve taught these things to my clients to help them improve their performance.

I’ve just realised that over the years I have already created a number of separate professional learning communities around our courses and coaching programmes.

But my communities have never been unified in an all-inclusive global community, united around a goal of improving personal and professional productivity.

” Communities are characterized by common attitudes, interests, and goals. Religion, beliefs, kinship, and opinions can differ starkly in communities and, in fact, give them vibrancy and dynamism, allowing for continued experimentation and growth.” – This quote by Alan Weiss was the spark that ignited the flame of The Productivity Club.

Building and being in such a community is part of my reason for doing this.

So, here we are! A positive start with 26 members at the time of writing.

Are You Interested?

If you think the Productivity Club may be for you, feel free to join. You can cancel your membership at any time.

I look forward to continuing to work with you!

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  2. Enter your details in the “Please Signup” form, and enter your preferred password.
  3. Only fields are required.
  4. You can ignore the section “We use the PayFast payment Gateway”.
  5. Review your Payment Summary.
  6. Click SUBMIT
  7. Complete the final steps.
  8. On approval of payment, you will receive my “Thank you!” email.  Click the link in the message to activate your account in the community.
  9. You will get full access to all your membership privileges immediately.
  10. Enjoy your Club membership!
  11. Check pricing in your currency.

The Productivity Club

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