Goodbye work overload.

Hello order and control.

From email-overwhelm to paper overload, time-wasting meetings to small projects in disarray – close to 14 000 people who use MS Outlook, in 320+ companies in 12 countries, are using our proven strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques to make their life easier.

It works. For anyone, anywhere, at any time – whether you like it or not. 

Before meeting us, our clients struggled with the following challenges.
Maybe one or more of them are true for you as well?

Email overwhelm.

The first email was sent in 1971.  50 years later an estimated 320 billion emails were sent, and by 2025 it is estimated to be 376 billion emails.  Email is going nowhere soon.  Without a solid strategy to deal with your Inbox it can become overwhelming.  We are here to prevent that.

Effective prioritisation

Prioritisiong your daily work effectively is challenging enough with the demand of “everything is urgent”.  And on top of that things keep changing all the time and you have to re-prioritise on the fly.   Our system of prioritising and organising by context makes this a breeze

Unproductive meetings

Whether you work remotely, in the office or a hybrid, meetings are here to stay. Sadly, most meetings are not outcome-based and tend to waste a lot of time.  People stray off the point.  There is no agenda to begin with. And there is no improvement method.

Wasting time looking for information

People hop from folder to folder to sub-sub-folder to save and then find information. This is unnecessary since we live in Gen S – Generation Search. Time to change your filing system into a finding system? It’s easier done than said.

Managing small projects

The main challenge people face is how to keep track of multiple small projects.  To have a single system for planning, communicating and tracking. To filter out time-wasters and low-value projects that abosrb resources.

Stay focused with all the distractions

We live in a world of notifications – but only if we allow them!  From switching off email notifications to saying “No!” makes life easier.  It may be difficult to get used to doing it, but remember “what we allow will remain”.  Learn how to set and protect boundaries.

Since 2003 we have refined and upgraded our solutions to exactly
meet our clients’ needs

We move with the times and adapt our training modality to the current reality.

From doing teleseminars in 2011 to now running a popular series of educational webinars, we are bringing our experience and expertise to the Productivity Club to serve you personally.

In the Productivity Club we cater for the needs of individuals like you, who want to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. People who want to move at their own pace, becoming more effective and productive every day.

We bring together like-minded people from across the planet, all striving to achieve optimal productivity with minimal effort.

To get their work done easier, faster, and better.

Why join the Productivity Club?

Great question. With great answers.

  • You become part of a learning community, focused on personal and professional effectiveness and productivity.
  • By implementing time-proven productivity principles your life gets easier.
  • Our clients tell us they save an average of 40 minutes per day by implementing the systems you get in the club, You score one month every year.
  • You will rediscover true wealth – discretionary time.
  • More focus and less stress are awaiting you.
  • Bottom line, your quality of life will improve.

But don’t believe me – here is what just a few of our clients say about working with us.

A Word from Our Clients

People who have benefited from our individual coaching and by asking us to work with their teams.

Ms. Kgadi Senyatsi
Head: Business Development | SAPPO

“The team is very excited and appreciative of the skills acquired from the training received. They enjoy the self-study supported by online group conversations”.

Seelan Naidoo

General Manager: SA Sugar Association

Our team situation was not organised and with poor prioritising of tasks. After working with Gerrit} there was a significant improvement in planning and prioritising. The simplicity of the tools and tips made for effortless implementation.

Gerhard Germishuis

“It changed my outlook on Outlook from a tool that controlled me to something i can control in a positive way to make my everyday life easier.”

Sonto Thusi
Allan Gray

“It’s a really great way to structure your work life. Very informative and easy to action.”

Casper Steenkamp
Director: Culminit – Solutions Not Software

“… the best thing about this course:  It bridges the gap between the theory and putting it into practice!  This is the best course BY FAR that I ever attended.  Thanks again for guiding my team and me through this course.”

 Dr Henriëtte van den Berg
Senior Management | University of the Free State

“The combination of individual learning activities (reading and watching videos with step-by-step guidelines) reinforced by group interaction worked really well for the group. We want to thank you for the valuable and pleasant learning experience.”

“So, what’s in the box?  What do I get when I join the Productivity Club?”

An invaluable resource that becomes available to you immediately when you join the club is the community of like-minded people.  We all want you to succeed and look forward to your contribution to make our lives better.  We share ideas and insights in a spirit of abundance.

You also get…

Online courses available 24/7 on any device.

Online Course: 52 Time-saving productivity tips in Windows and Oulook

Participants in our Outlook Productivity programme always rave about the shortcuts because it saves them so much time. Duncan has distilled 52 of the most popular Outlook and Windows tips, tricks, and techniques from Outlook Productivity into short microlearning videos to help you learn, implement, and improve your productivity even faster.

Online course: How to eliminate email overwhelm

The core module of our flagship course, Outlook Productivity, This is a system that is easy to understand and even easier to implement.   Like with all our courses you can interact asynchronously with the course leader directly from the course itself.

Online course: 8 Ways to Productivity Mastery

This course is the foundation of all our work. It gives you the 8 foundational principles outlining the road to Productivity Mastery.

Productive mind  |  Clarity  |  Alignment  |  Slow down to speed up | Flexibility.  | Focus |  Finish what you start  | Learn and improve

These are eight of the mongthly themses we focus on together with the four seasons to give us aon e theme per month.

Online events

Monthly Check-in (LIVE)

We focus on the theme of the month, hand in hand with your 8 Ways to Productivity Mastery course. It does not matter when you join, you slot in with the theme of the current month. We share insights, successes, and challenges.  So we learn and improve!

Monthly “Show & Tell” combined with Q&A Open Forum (LIVE)

Any club member who has a special skill will share that with the rest of us. Topics can range from tips in Excel to the impact of your energy on your productivity.

Bring whatever you have discovered that is making your life easier and show us!

Microlearning Productivity-Improvement webinars (LIVE and Recordings)

On at least two Tuesdays every month we have a 17-minute webinar.  We often have guest experts addressing us, These live webinars are open to the public but the replays are exclusively available for you and other club members.

Gerrit Cloete and Duncan Hattingh:
Your Guides and Companions in the Productivity Club

Gerrit: Cloete
My job on the planet is to keep discovering new (and old) ways of getting the right things done easier, faster, and better, and when I find something, I just have to tell anyone who wants to listen about it.

My quest to master personal productivity has taken many fascinating turns and brought me in contact with Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), David Allen (Getting Things Done), Jerry Fletcher (Pattern of High Performance) and more giants in the productivity and effectiveness arena.

Over the years I distilled the best pieces of ‘productivity music’ which I am now ‘conducting’ to inspire the members of my orchestra to play their best version of it.  Members of the Productivity Club, are the main members of the Productivity Symphony.

Duncan Hattingh
As the voicemail message on his cell phone says: ”If I can’t take your call I am either in a workshop or out cycling!”

Duncan’s industrial engineering background and his love of the “ooh” and “aahhh” moments when people learn a really cool trick in MS Outlook, are his inspiration and motivation in helping people use their technology in ways that make them more productive.

Was there life before the Internet, cell phones and gadgets? Duncan’s glad he missed it!

We look forward to joining you on your journey to personal productivity mastery. To help you manage your workload more efficiently. To get things done easier, faster, and better.

We have worked with almost 14 000 people from 320+ companies in 12 countries.  The common theme we hear from them is that using what we teach them makes life easier for them.

We can’t wait to join you on your road to productivity mastery!.


How to join the club

For less than one cup of coffee per week you get everything that membership of the Productivity Club offers.

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    10. Enjoy your Club membership!
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The Productivity Club

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